Friday, 7 October 2016

What are those crocheters doing now?  Pooling around with colour!

Whenever we crochet with a variegated yarn the pattern of the colours seems ( but clearly is not) random.

There seems to be no way to control where the colours stripe or pool.

But if there is a regularity to the colour sections it is possible to plan your crochet to get interesting effects.
I did NOT figure this out myself. I read a comment about colour pooling on a spinning FB group and googled it. Several blogs and a video tutorial by  Mikey of The Crochet Crowd and I had to give it a try.
 It took a few attempts to get the pattern going ....

 The beginning is upper right, there is a pattern but it is a bit off, and about 14 rows in, I missed a stitch and threw the whole thing off...or did I?  Actually I lucked into finding the correct number of stitches and from then on the argyle type pattern appeared.
But the start is not good so... I took it off.
This sounds awful but there are a few tutorials (google "remove crochet stitches")  and following 2 of them I managed. I have done the same thing before so I knew it was possible. This time  I saved both parts and am working on 2 scarves.
First one

It still needs a fringe and the pattern is not perfect, in fact each time your tension changes, the design morphs as well!  But I am OK with it as first try.

The second is just started

Now to see if I have any more variegated yarns to try!

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